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On the slopes of Poás Volcano, only 45 minutes from San José, you’ll find one of the best collections of medicinal plants in Costa Rica, where cultural traditions and medicine come together for physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Our garden is nestled in the center of our 7 hectare property, which also produces culinary herbs.

Over 300 species of medicinal plants, from Costa Rica and around the world, grow within the garden. Many of these plants could otherwise only be found in distant places such as India, Brazil, China, etc. Some species are endangered in other areas of the world due to over-exploitation of their natural populations.

Your visit to the garden is more than a simple tour. You will have the opportunity to see, touch, and smell these plants, which different cultures have investigated and used over the centuries and found to be important for our wellbeing.

Walking through the garden has therapeutic effects, on a mental and physical level, as you take in the tropical colors, earthy aromas, and pristine flavors.

From our farm, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, and you will be sharing it with the different species of birds and butterflies that find refuge on our land.

After experiencing the garden, we invite you to the house to enjoy some delicious tea and snacks, and to browse our gift shop where you will find a variety of natural products.